It’s not the ministry that sustains the relationship, but the relationship that sustains the ministry.
— Dezi Baker

We believe in relationship first, then partnership.

We believe in covenant relationships across the Body of Christ. A major component of our ministry work is the transformation of cities and nations through training, sending, building, and collaboration. Together we've been working behind-the-scenes globally to help build apostolic hubs in various continents, as well as impact government offices, business and education entities, closed religious groups, and many more.

We build covenant relationships with other entities in various spheres of society across nations. Together, we work to transform cities and nations by ministering to both the grassroots and top of society (the 7 mountains). Through our Alliance, we collaborate to bring qualitative transformative work to cities and nations, building the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.


If you would like to walk in relationship together, let's get to know one another. Some of the best nation-transforming projects have been birthed over a meal. Fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you to fix a date.

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Connect with other hubs in singapore & globally.



GBG is an equipping and sending hub. They equip the saints in their 7 Birthright Modalities based on Romans 12, as well as do mercy works in different parts of the world. They provide mentorship, ordination, covering, and serve as a launching pad for the saints to fulfill their purpose across the global body of Christ.

Oikos Fellowship is a church without walls reaching a community without Christ. Concerned citizens addressing a hurting and neglected generation with the message of hope and redemption to the lost and lonely who need a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear.



Rapid Church Planting is a hub whose mission is to release potential pioneers, leaders & tentmakers into their calling and purpose through coaching, key kingdom training seminars, online church, and live-webcasts. Their goal is to train trainers who train other trainers, and to equip people to start house churches & houses of prayer.



North Sumatra Network is run by an apostolic couple in North Sumatra who have given their lives for the transformation of North Sumatra in all sectors of society, especially through education, outreach, and social businesses. You may get in touch with them via our email

Kingdom Family is an apostolic network whose heart is to birth New Indonesia in all sectors of society. They do it through lighting the fire of revival through Prayer & the Word, as well as carrying the torch of revival to all nations, preparing for His coming.



Obadiah Fellowship is a community that brings prophetic people together and trains them how to discover their vision and purpose so they can move in power, speaking words that will transform culture and the world.