We believe there are principles of the Kingdom that Jesus instructed and modeled for us to live a supernatural lifestyle. These principles transform us and the world around us by bringing heaven to earth wherever we go. We hold high standards of this culture in all our communities, alliance partners, and ministry arms. This list remains fluid and will evolve as we grow and experiment in Him.



We are entering a new age. God has issued an invitation for all His children to walk in the reality of Eden.

When we live in the reality of The Garden - always in the center of Complete Love and Perfect Trustworthiness - it changes the way we relate to God, ourselves, and all creation. We believe that as we begin living in the reality of Eden and face-to-face relationship with God, our relational culture is going to shift:

  • We will start responding to each other from the heart not the head.

  • We will grow comfortable with unlearning and relearning. We believe some of the most profound journeys begin with, “I don’t know” and deepest revelation are given to those who can be a little child with their Father.

  • We will be at total peace with one another, not trying to change each other, trusting God is at perfect work in each person’s life.

  • We will champion one another’s destiny, seeing everyone as God sees them.

  • We will not try to change one another. Our only role in community is to stay so deep in our Father’s love so that we point & connect one another to our Father. It’s His power that changes lives.

  • We will eat & feed one another from the Tree of Life not the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil.

  • We will speak from life (we only have authority over what we live) not head-knowledge.

  • We will allow one another to show up for who they are, in whichever part of God’s process they’re in right now.


We are constantly, intentionally aware of the reality of heaven in and around us. It is our privilege and responsibility to manifest the reality of heaven around us, and this is important in a people who want to build heaven on earth. We live this out in the following ways:

  • Ask for heavenly perspective in all situations.

  • Believe that heaven's reality is higher than our reality.

  • Center our behavior and speech around the reality of heaven.


We live and think as ambassadors and heirs to His Kingdom. We are aware that we are a part of a Kingdom, and we are one part of it. We live this out in the following ways:

  • Stay connected to others in the Body.

  • We are an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven, and we behave in a way that represents Him well.

  • Build His Kingdom, not our own or any other man's.

  • We welcome diversity and we appreciate those who have been given different five-fold lenses from us.


We are all kings & priests. There are no superstars, and the five-fold ministers exist to equip every believer to do the work of the Kingdom. We live this out in the following ways:

  • We believe that everyone is gifted and called to the five-fold functions and giftings.

  • We are called to serve. Look for ways to serve wherever God calls us to.

  • We give to, receive, partner with, and learn from one another, rather than expecting that only the senior leaders can minister to us.

  • The senior leaders are to devote themselves to prayer and studying the word and following God's direction; members are empowered to grow in maturity and serve one another.

  • A special note to parents: We believe that parents are called to be priests in their homes, and it is our job to build strong biblical foundations in our child's life and we are here to partner with you to do that. As such, we do not have plans to create a separate Sunday school for children. Rather, children should be a part of our assemblies so the family can experience God together.


We recognize that each person is made in the image of God and created for a great purpose. We treat ourselves and others accordingly. We live this out in the following ways:

  • Give honor where honor is due.

  • Be respectful of others, even those we disagree with.

  • Only speak about someone's problems to another if that person is a part of the solution and if we are also prepared to address that matter to the person directly.

  • Be quick to defend others.

  • Relate to people according to the gold that is in them, instead of the dirt that might be apparent in their lives right now.


We fully accept others and ourselves as God created us to be. We can only truly impact the world when we walk in God's unique design for us. We live this out in the following ways:

  • Be honest about where we are, while holding to the vision of where we're meant to be.

  • There is freedom of expression of what God has placed in us.

  • Freely express ourself while respecting others in our expression.

  • Do not imitate or try to be someone else, and do not require others to try to be like us.

  • If someone else's behavior disturbs us, go to that person and talk about the matter in an honoring way. If necessary, get someone to mediate.


We are made in God's image as His sons. We are powerful people, and the way we choose to live impacts the world around us. We live this out in the following ways:

  • Take responsibility for our choices and actions.

  • Be honest and own up when we make a mistake, repent and move forward.

  • Use words like "I will" and "I choose" and "I'm sorry". Avoid words like "I'll try" and "he/she made me".

  • Exercise self-control.

  • Our spiritual growth is our responsibility.

  • Forgive freely and resolve to be unoffended.