Our Mission

Antioch Hub as a whole exists to serve as a training, sending, building, and collaborative center to fulfill the Great Commission by building His kingdom in all spheres of society.

Our department for Foreign Affairs focuses on building networks & strengthening covenant relationships outside of the Hub. We believe that the Hub is to be a place of collaboration across the five fold ministry in the seven mountains of culture. Every significant breakthrough that has touched a city has been the fruit of centralized networks of multi-disciplinary relationships.

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God’s kingdom come, God’s will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
— Jesus

To date, Antioch Hub has reached all the continents of the world through our teaching, resources, partnership, mentoring, and intercessory support. We work with both the grassroots and top-level in cities. We are particularly passionate about:

  • Activating & mentoring in the prophetic
  • Coaching builders of apostolic hubs in their cities
  • Building cities by ministering to their Government, Business, Education, Religious leaders, etc
  • Ministering to unreached people groups
  • Developing Kingdom models for the 7 mountains of influence in cities & nations


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