Kingdom Living 2019

Dear Antioch family and friends,

The Lord has given us instructions to further sharpen & focus Antioch Hub’s function as a Hub in 2019. 2018 was an incredible, intense, full year, and it was just training ground for this coming year. We are full of anticipation over what God will do, and therefore must adjust to be ready for the coming season.

We are announcing some areas of realignment. The following is what we understand about what we need to implement so far, but we will continue to sense from God and adjust/adapt where necessary.


The Lord spoke clearly that this is the year for us to “run with the remnant”.

To be able to infiltrate high-level areas in the 7 mountains of the nations, we need to operate covertly. On the surface, it’s going to look like not much is happening with us. In reality, we’re going to do things that really matter in the spiritual realm. This means:

  • Less social media coverage

  • No announcements about sensitive/high-level ops

  • Much less publicity about our works & achievements

We need to be seen as less in order to do more.

The Lord has told us to operate as a new breed of apostolic hub - less bells & whistles, serving among our fellow mankind instead of taking the seat of prominence, stripped down to the bare minimum so only what is of God is built up.

Let us be treasures in jars of clay: Ordinary (undistinguished, unremarkable, insignificant) on the outside - Rich (noble, recognized with authority in the spirit realms) within.

Why “remnant”? These are those who remain because people will begin to leave when we are seen as less so we can do more. Not everyone will be comfortable with the changes, and that’s ok! We run with those who remain, and these forerunners will pave the way for the rest to come later.


Our purpose is to be a hub that supports the Body in their Kingdom assignments.

The Lord has instructed us to focus more on Kingdom assignments, less on Christian activity. This means:

  • More discipling & equipping communities focused on specific purpose/assignment, with people from across the Body

  • More Kingdom (“don’t care who gets the credit”)

  • Less territorial branding (“must do it under our umbrella”)

We are to be a connecting & launching pad for people’s calling to the nation(s), not a church, organization, or ministry. Therefore, our goal is not to gather & keep, but to equip & send out.


These shifts mean that Antioch Hub is a network of equipping communities, not a ministry with some equipping arms. Our communities will not be comprised of “members of Antioch” but co-partners from across churches & denominations in the Kingdom, brothers who have chosen to gather at their Father’s table.

A network of equipping communities means that:

  • It is driven by people for people

  • It is more far-reaching

  • It is purposeful and impactful to society/nations

  • It is open to all in the Body

  • It isn’t limited to a ministry (“you belong to me”) and that ministry’s capacity

There will no longer be a calendar of activities (apart from the occasional large-scale gathering, if the Lord instructs us to do so). Every community decides their own meeting time, place, frequency, without being confined to a “ministry calendar” and the rigidity of having to stick to one.

In this new season, we all need to keep ourselves as free & flexible as possible, ready to go at a moment’s notice when an assignment comes up.


We are moving toward Strategic Culture and away from strategic planning. Because such high flexibility & adaptability to change is required, plans have to change quickly while retaining the integrity of Kingdom culture.

Therefore, we are going to be intentional in emphasizing the Antioch Culture which will become the pillars that keep us steady through the shifts as we move in step with God.

2019 is going to be a year of great exploits with God. Let’s prepare ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Get your house in order so that you & your household can move in step with God at a moment’s notice.

For His Kingdom, His glory, and His fame!


The Antioch Hub Team