What Is The Purpose Of An Apostolic Hub?

Dear Antioch family and friends,

The term "apostolic" has gained increasing popularity in the past decade. Along with its obvious merits, this movement has brought along with it its excesses and therefore some misconceptions. The Lord spoke to us through a dream a few nights ago, giving us greater clarity about how we are to function as an apostolic hub. In the following, we would like to share that with you and hopefully address any questions/misconceptions of "what is an apostolic hub?" along the way.



Think of it like an airport, or a restaurant. People come in, transit (get fed, pick up what they need), and go back out again. There are many flights/tables. Every person that comes in has a customized flight route/meal order according to their specific needs for that season.

An apostolic hub exists "to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ." (Ephesians 4)

An apostolic hub:

  • Is a global network of mature five-fold leaders across all seven mountains of society
  • Equips, trains, and launches other maturing five-fold in the body of Christ to do the work of the Kingdom
  • Disciples both individuals and nations
  • Begins the discipleship process starting from pre-believer, to believer, to mature sons of God
  • Is a platform of innovation, collaboration, and solution
  • Provides tailored equipping for each individual based on their unique gifts, calling, and needs
  • Is a place for networking and meeting with other parts of the body who may have differing revelation & lenses
  • Exists to build His kingdom, not a human empire
  • Places the responsibility of personal spiritual growth back on each individual
  • Is relational, not territorial nor legalistic

As you can see, an apostolic hub functions very differently from what we've known in the church all these years. We love the institutionalized Church, and we recognize their place in the Kingdom - don't get us wrong, we're not anti-church. What we are saying is that there is a need, now more than ever, for apostolic hubs to rise up and build His kingdom, bringing heaven to earth in all spheres of society.

Below, we've done up a table contrasting the differences in mindset & approach you can expect to see in an apostolic hub.

Workbook1 Sheet1.jpg

As you can see, being part of an apostolic hub is not for the weak of heart! In these hubs, every person is expected to be the powerful person they are in Jesus. The mode is active, not passive. In apostolic hubs, there is no room for a "feed me" mentality. Yes, restoration and healing is a part of equipping the saints, but it cannot/must not end there. In apostolic hubs, every person is treated as someone who has a specific destiny & purpose from God. They are given the tools to equip them to walk in their destiny, and they are expected to do the work of the Kingdom that they've been called to do.

God is moving His body into influence. The church of Acts shook every sphere of society, from the top of government all the way down to the grassroots. They were accepted in some places and rejected in others, but no one could deny their existence or impact. No one could deny that God was real in their midst. They had influence (not to be confused with popularity). God is calling for His end-time church back to those days and even more, from glory to glory!

There is an interesting quote from Lance Wallnau on the emerging apostolic hubs: "There is a need for a new paradigm in the apostolic. These hubs would be places of collaboration for those working in the seven mountains of culture. Every significant breakthrough that has touched a city or nation has been the outgrowth of centralized networks of multi-disciplinary relationships. Historically, these networks were under apostolic leaders who had the acumen to pull together different groups. John Calvin in Geneva and William Wilberforce in England’s parliament immediately spring to mind.

Hubs are everywhere. In the physical landscape, hubs are under study as alternatives to the traditional traffic light set up for traffic flow. Anyone who has been to Europe is familiar with them. There is one way in and another way out. You can come in with a need and leave with a fulfillment. An apostolic hub could help bring together the pieces that never collaborate in the Body of Christ. This is a vision that has been used to great effect by special interests and political forces for decades.  It is a strategy that has been used to control the world. Apostolic coordination is crucial for mobilizing influence."

You may also be interested to read this prophetic word by Ryan LeStrange and David Herzog on the apostolic hubs that God is raising up across the earth.

One of the things God has moved us into this year (2018) is to go beyond building our own Hub, and begin fulfilling the Antioch call of connecting with & raising up other apostolic hubs globally. As such, we have begun to help others globally who have received the call to establish apostolic hubs in their region. We have also spent more time and resources on connecting with existing hubs. We believe in relationship first before ministry. If you are an existing hub, or if you feel the call to establish a hub in your region, we would love to build relationship with you. Feel free to contact us here as the Lord leads you to.


The Antioch Hub Team


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