A Tour Of The Antioch Hub

Dear Antioch family and friends,

Welcome to the newly launched Antioch Hub! The heart of Antioch Hub is simple: to gather, equip, and send people into their unique destinies in God. Our goal is to be a prophetic-apostolic hub, a safe harbor for people to be filled and sent out.

We're intentional about becoming an authentic community that empowers believers in the five-fold and releases them into the seven mountains. To that end, Antioch Hub is both an online community, and the home of various arms that seek to build the Kingdom in different ways.

Here’s a quick tour to help you find the resources you desire, so you can choose the ones that serve you best where you're at: 

  • The ANTIOCH ASSEMBLY is a global community that carries the Antioch DNA of growing in the five-fold gifts and going into the seven mountains. We assemble for His presence and purpose; we build programs around His presence, not presence around programs; we gather to send not to keep; we value authenticity; we are intentional about doing away with hype and "superstar" ministry. We have an online community, a global prayer wall, and local weekly assemblies that explore different aspects of the five-fold expression.

  • The ANTIOCH ACADEMY is a one-year academy designed to equip believers in the five fold and release them to the seven mountains. Based on Ephesians 4, the Academy runs for one year and covers all five-fold teaching tracks. We believe that every believer is meant to grow holistically in all the five-fold gifts and be equipped with the basic foundations so they are able to be apostolic, prophesy, teach, pastor others, and evangelize.

  • The ANTIOCH CULTURE is the system of beliefs, disciplines, practices, and relational boundaries we establish within all arms that carry the Antioch Hub DNA. We hold high standards of this culture in all our ministry arms, and we hold our community to them too.

  • The ANTIOCH STORE houses the newest resources, products, and event tickets from Antioch Hub. We plan to release new Antioch products here within the next few months. We've also retained a small selection of items from our previously named Godly Womanhood Shop, and will eventually hope to feature other books from friends in the Antioch Alliance network. Your purchase supports all our ministry work in Singapore, Asia, and beyond. Out of that, we also give 20% to bless other ministries around the globe.

  • The EVENTS page, also continually updated, will offer workshops and seminars to fuel your growth and help you encounter God. It also links you to the Academy and Assembly calendars. Check back often for latest news.

So, that’s the Hub. Take a look around and delve right in.

What about the prophetic articles that Samantha Wiraatmaja writes? Those are still happening! Head on over to samanthawiraatmaja.com to read the latest word for 2017, and you can follow her on Instagram + Facebook for updates.

As we move towards the new blueprint for our community in 2017, here are some key points for us next year:

  • Be prepared + flexible for changes to happen as we evolve and experiment and move where the Spirit flows.

  • Be always prepared to move, because once God says go we will go, and we don't want any one to be left behind.

  • In the moves of God throughout church history, there are the forerunners/breakthoughers, and there are the followers. We hope that the community can be breakthroughers TOGETHER with us, rather than simply just followers.

  • Get ready to throw out old mindsets of what "church" looks like.

  • Ask God to renew our minds so we can flow with His plans for our community, rather than limiting Him (and "church") to our understanding.


The Antioch Hub Team

The Antioch Hub is founded & stewarded by Alexander & Samantha Wiraatmaja, who are both ordained as Reverends (2018), and ministers of God's work under DAVT presided by Rev. Dr. Michael B. Wieteska, Bishop of Ultima Vocatio Ministries International.