Antioch Assembly: New Galaxy Game Plan

God is on the move. We will move with Him.

The body of Christ is in transition, and forerunners have already begun to move. God is radically redefining and reshaping the way we “do” church. Priests and prophets alike have been sensing this for some time now, but no one knows what that fully looks like. It is yet to be unfolded, and there is still much to be uncovered. No one has THE model, and anyone who claims to have it is still only seeing dimly. What we do know is that it will be mind-blowing in the sense that it’ll be greater than what we can imagine right now.

Before going into the game plan, we feel the need to emphasize that what we need, more than a new wineskin, is new wine. More than new wineskin, God is looking for new wine, although new wineskin is needed to contain new wine.

Let's be prepared + flexible for changes to happen as we evolve and experiment and move where the Spirit flows. Be always prepared to move, because once God says go we will go, and we don't want any one to be left behind. In the moves of God throughout church history, there are the forerunners/breakthoughers, and there are the followers. We hope that the community can be breakthroughers TOGETHER with us, rather than simply just followers. Get ready to throw out old mindsets of what "church" looks like. Ask God to renew our minds so we can flow with His plans for our community, rather than limiting Him (and "church") to our understanding.

When we asked the Lord for some practical ways to apply this for our community, He gave us the word “decentralize”. We began to seek God to unpack this. We are still in the process of discovering the fullness of this, and we’ve begun to have conversations with our community about that this will look like. What we’ve received so far is defined by the following:

  • Relationship based. Resolving to remain unoffended, walking in the Antioch Culture.
  • Focus will shift away from programs and onto discipleship.
  • Each person knowing their sphere(s) of influence and being released to be church there.
  • Small groups meeting from Monday to Sunday, anytime, anywhere they’ve found their METRON (spheres of influence).
  • Every person brings something to the table.
  • Five-fold gifts awakened and nurtured because they can no longer be dependent on just one or a few key people.
  • Assemble as a large assembly to celebrate victories, network, collaborate, and encourage one another.


Our goal is to move towards what the Church in the book of Acts was like.

At the same time, we also believe that the model in Acts was just the foundation for the greater things God has planned for His church!

This game plan encompasses the restoration to the way of Acts and leaves room for the so-much-more that is to come.

Each phase builds upon the foundation of the previous one. With each phase, there is an increase of flexibility, impact, and outward-looking vision. With this increase in flexibility will also be an increase in discipleship, accountability, and responsibility.

At present, we will only release phases 1 through 4 to the public. Here's the breakdown of each phase.

We will be rolling out Phase 1 starting this Saturday. We are working on doing a live video within these few days to answer any questions you may have about the new galaxy and/or game plan. Join the Antioch Assembly global online community for those live updates.

We want to end with this beautifully accurate description by Neil Cole: "A lake and a river are very different things. In broad strokes: a river is constantly changing, adapting, and moving. A river can forge into rough ground and smooth it out over time. A river can carve out great canyons and transport goods to those who are in need downstream. A river can create energy; it is a power source. A lake is constant and mostly unchanging. We can walk into the lake and walk out in exactly the same place with no change. With a river, however, when we enter into it we are moved and cannot possibly exit in the same place in which we first encountered it. All who enter into the river are moved to another place, taken into the flow and thrust into deeper waters. A lake is safe; we can wade in at our own pace and go as deep as we want to go. A river is dangerous and will sweep us into its momentum and perhaps take us to places we may not want to go. A river seems to have a will of its own...

The kingdom of God is meant to be more like a river: a movement, an untamed surge of energy that can change a landscape and take people for the ride of their lives."


The Antioch Hub Team