Antioch Alliance: A New Vocabulary

Dear Antioch family and friends,

We believe in covenant relationships across the Body of Christ. A major component of our ministry work is the transformation of cities and nations through training, sending, building, and collaboration. Together we've been working behind the scenes globally to help build apostolic hubs in various continents, as well as impact government offices, business and education entities, closed religious groups, and many more.

On our travels, we've come to realize that people are accustomed to calling these ministry trips as Mission Trips. We've also come to find that the term Mission Trip is an incomplete representation of what we feel the trips are meant to be. A little bit about there here.

We believe that a new vocabulary is needed to shift key mindsets. Therefore henceforth, all Antioch Hub ministry trips will be called Alliance Trips. Here's why.

  1. Alliance is relationship-focused, where Mission is task-driven.
  2. Alliance communicates long-term covenant relationship, where Mission communicates short-term partnership.
  3. Alliance communicates a relationship of equals, where Mission has come to mean a savior-victim relationship in many cases.

Alliance is placing our personal titles on the altar to serve God's bigger purpose in building His kingdom.

Picture it as Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Regardless of first-world or third-world representation, we come together as equals, comrades, brothers.

It is important for us to be a family with a vision, rather than a vision with a family.


The Antioch Hub Team


P.S. To find out more about our Alliance, click this link.