New Things for 2018

Dear Antioch family and friends,

We have spent the past months waiting on the Lord for His plans for this Hub -  how we are to serve you and build His Kingdom - in 2018. We have arrived at a blueprint and are happy to share it with you. (Do note that we are to keep these plans open and flexible as His Holy Spirit leads)

The core pillars of the Hub remain unchanged.

  • ANTIOCH ASSEMBLY: We are still on the journey of discovering the New Galaxy. We are currently in between Phase 2 and Phase 3. Our community is experimenting with Metron groups and its been so fun watching our people try new ways to do life & build kingdom. So far we’ve tried long-boarding, social work, badminton, hiking, shopping, arts & crafts, healing, and foodie groups. As you can tell, some are outrightly Christian and some are totally non-religious, but all are equally Holy when God and His kingdom are the ultimate goal.

    We’re moving away from program-dependance toward being presence-led. Away from being leader-centric toward being people-driven. Fewer large organized assemblies toward smaller more purposeful organic assemblies.

    God is on the move and it’s fun following along and getting to discover this New Galaxy with Him!

Join the Assembly here.

  • ANTIOCH ACADEMY: Our forerunner intake will graduate & be commissioned in January 2018. Our second intake will begin in February 2018. The curriculum remains largely the same, with some improvements and new faculty additions.

Join the 2018 Academy here.

  • ANTIOCH ALLIANCE: We will still travel once-a-month in 2018 to connect, network, and collaborate with Alliance partners. Our heart is to connect with God and man to build His Kingdom in cities and nations. Some of these trips will be opened to community within the Academy & Assembly who wish to travel with us as a team.


Now on to the exciting new changes to take place. Some new things happening in 2018 will be equipping nights, prophetic worship nights, and the Antioch Academy DreamLab.

We have refined the ministry arms of the Hub into two distinct departments:


Our department for Home Affairs focuses on training, preparing, and activating believers, creating a safe greenhouse inside of the Hub for them to grow. Strengthened, they are then sent out into the seven mountains of culture for city-transformation. The department of Home Affairs remains a "home base" for them to return and be refreshed, healed, re-trained, and sent back out.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has a two-pronged equipping & training platform.

Level 1: Basics for everyone, beginner to maturing believer

  • PROPHESY: Prophetic Worship Nights
  • TEACH: Equipping Nights
  • EVANGELIZE: Outreach Team
  • PASTOR: Assembly, Experimental Metron Groups, Inner Healing

Level 2: Special ops, commissioning, and launching

  • Antioch Academy
  • Esther Task Force
  • Joseph Company
  • Academy Alumni DreamLab


Our department for Foreign Affairs focuses on building networks & strengthening covenant relationships outside of the Hub. We believe that the Hub is to be a place of collaboration across the five fold ministry in the seven mountains of culture. Every significant breakthrough that has touched a city has been the fruit of centralized networks of multi-disciplinary relationships.


Details for all the ministry arms are be viewed using the menu at the top (listed under MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS and MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS).

We pray that through this, we are able to better serve you, build His body, and establish His Kingdom. Here on earth - in every sector of society - as it is in heaven. Amen.


The Antioch Hub Team


P.S. To view our calendar of events for 2018, click this link.