What Are The Seven Mountains?

The "Seven Mountains" is a concept received by Bill Bright (founder of Campus Crusade) and Loren Cunningham (founder of Youth With a Mission YWAM) from God in the 1970s. It is based on the Great Commission to "go into all the world and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28: 19).

The premise is that the Body of Christ is commanded by Jesus to disciple entire nations. The Lord revealed that every nation has 7 spheres of influence, and in order to truly transform any nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, these seven mountains of society must be reached:

  • Religion
  • Family
  • Education
  • Government
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Arts & Science
  • Business

Isaiah 2:2 says, "The mountain of the house of the LORD will be established as the chief of the mountains". When believers are equipped by the five-fold ministers (Ephesians 4) to go out and DO THE WORK OF THE KINGDOM, we become ambassadors who reveal His kingdom in our unique spheres of influence in society. This in turn begins to shape the values and culture of the people and eventually the nation towards God. The goal is to let God be glorified as His house is established as chief over all the mountains/nations.

Simply put, the seven mountains mandate is another expression for the Great Commission! We believe that all vocations are sacred, and every person is called to with a mission to influence. We are called to be conduits of His presence, bringing heaven to earth -- wherever we are (whether we're a student, in business, a politician, a parent, etc), with whatever we've been given.


The Antioch Hub Team